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The system of rice intensification as a sustainable agricultural innovation: introducing, adapting and scaling up a system of rice intensification practices in the Timbuktu region of Maliby Erika Styger, Goumar Aboubacrine, Malick Ag Attaher, Norman Uphoff, 2011, International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, 9 (1): 67-75 IJAS Styger et al.pdf


Application of system of rice intensification practices in the arid environment of the Timbuktu region in Mali, by Erika Styger, Malick Ag Attaher, Hamidou Guindo, Harouna Ibrahim, Mahamane Diaty, Ibrahima Abba, Mohamed Traore; 2011, Paddy and Water Environment, 9: 137-144 PAWE Styger et al 2011.pdf


"SRI Timbuktu Blog: 60 Farmers Evaluate the System of Rice Intensification in Timbuktu 2008/2009" by Erika Styger


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Fiche Technique pour le Système de Riziculture Intensive (SRI) à Tombouctou, Mali; Africare Mali et Secteur de l'Agriculture de Goundam, DRA Tombouctou, Mali; 2009, p. 23, Fiche Technique.pdf 



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